Raleigh safety bicycle, c. 1894-95

This remarkable safety is a Raleigh from 1894-1895. It has a lot of distinctive details, like the very early front fork, which already shows the direction Raleigh front forks were going to take!
The frame has a straight saddle tube and a horizontal top tube, but they were not completely sure how to build it: look at the asymmetrical bracket and the strange construction where top tube meets seat stays and saddle tube.

Owner claims it's exactly the same model that the American Arthur Zimmermann rode records on. And indeed, the 1895 picture of Zimmermann on his Raleigh racing bike shows a very similar bike. Same front fork, asymmetrical bracket, chain tensioners etc. 

The bike has been restored in the past, and may have been changed to keep it running. So which details are original and which are not? Brakes are from the 1940's ... Who can help me out about other details? If you know more about very early Raleighs, please send me an e-mail.